On Fire-Lace

It’s Tuesday once again! Have I told y’all how much I love writing for this blog? It’s so much fun and it’s something I look forward to every week. Although, I’m little behind this week because I’ve been distracted with going to Walt Disney World (who couldn’t get distracted there, am I right?) and Thanksgiving and all that fun stuff, I’m still determined to get this finished. 🙂


Anywho, have you ever been to a church event and it seems to change EVERYONE? Even the people who you thought could “never change”? (Anyone can change and we shouldn’t hold that against people, but that’s another story for another day ;)) And you thought that maybe that this was the time where everyone was gonna change for the better, and everything at school, work, home was going to go smoother, and then within the next week or so, you start to see everything start to fall back into place.

Your parents started fighting again, your co-workers began to complain like they did before, your friends backstab you. It all goes back to the same old thing. It’s a cycle. You feel like there is no possible way you can get out of it. You go to Disciple-Now, you go to youth camp, you go to even just a regular church service. Everyone falls to their knees at the altar, crying and calling out to God. The next week or so goes great. Everyone is refreshed and renewed and then that group of people that weren’t there come around and say that one word, or offer that one drink, and it’s all over. Instead of trying to witness to those people your friends bail on you. They start to fall back into that sin they JUST came out of. That bonfire that was once BLAZING over everyone is now completely demolished, and it’s dark. Pitch black. You don’t know how to rekindle the fire, once lit. You feel lost. You don’t know how to approach your friends because then you’ll feel like an outcast.

So instead of standing up for yourself, Christ really, you fall right back into that same temptation and you decide to join in. You don’t think it’s too bad. Like, really? One drink? That’s not gonna hurt me. One curse word? Come on! It’s just a WORD. Okay, gossip, really? That’s NOT EVEN a sin, Lacey! I know what you feel. I’ve had those thoughts in my head a LOT. Starting from the beginning: That person was there AND they came down to the altar?! That one word can’t be too big of a sin, can it? Okay, gossiping is basically just talking, right? ALL of those thoughts have gone through my head. They’re all WRONG and they’re all SIN.

I know that I’ve been through this before. On every single Disciple-Now Weekend we have as a youth group at my church in Aliceville, we always have so many people, almost everyone, go down to the altar during the invitation. Everyone opens up to each other. We all fall to our knees, and cry out to God. It’s truly a beautiful thing to be a part of. But then, when we go back to school the next Monday is the real test. We all try our hardest to stand up for the Christian body. After a few days though, it begins to get tough. We all start falling back into old habits, and the next thing we know, everything is back to the way it was a week ago.

We as human beings, myself especially, have a hard time of accepting what we do is wrong. We have a sinful nature. We were born into it. It’s hard to accept but it’s the truth. That truth, though isn’t an excuse to do whatever we want because it’s just “a part of us”. As I was saying earlier, you just decide to fall back into that sin because it’s easy. Let me just say, that following Christ isn’t an easy job. If you’re gonna do it half way, then it’s better to not do it at all. Revelation 3:16 says, “Because you are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Falling back into that sin IS the easy way out, but is it the BEST way out? No, it’s not. The best way out is to confront your friends with love, and hold them accountable. Go up to them and remind them of what they represent as a Christian. You may get a couple dirty looks or remarks, but what’s more worth it? You failing to represent Christ because it’s “easier” or helping your friends out with your faith? You may not realize how much holding someone accountable will do in the beginning, but if you just watch, and continue to correct out of love you will begin to see the fire rekindle and then it’ll be blazing again in the blink of an eye. Don’t fall back into sin because it’s easy. Yes, you’ll slip up sometimes. Everyone does. We’re human, but we should always try our absolute hardest, because we’re representing Christ.

Thanks once again for reading my posts! I appreciate it! Keep fueling the fire! It’s a hard job, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it!



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