You’re Always a 2:10-Bry

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! It’s not Thanksgiving anymore.. BOO!! BUT IT’S OFFICIALLY THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!! YAAYY!! Thank you for having such positive comments on last week’s post, just like you always have. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and friends from all around. I hope that the transition back into school or work has been an easy one and that everyone’s Christmas tree is shining bright in their living rooms (or wherever you put yours).

Today’s title can be a little misleading. I can almost guarantee that if you’re reading this right now, whether male or female, you’ve had self-confidence issues in the past. I know I have. Being a teenage girl in 2016 is pretty hard. Everytime I turn around it’s movie stars and super models that are 5’ 9” and rocking the smallest bodies that consume the media. Whether on social media outlets like facebook and instagram, or a magazine that I bought from the dollar store, I tend to find myself comparing myself to the people on the screen (or the page). That’s not fair to who I am as a person, musician, or Christian.

When I compare myself to those girls, wishing that I looked like them, or could play guitar like that girl or guy, I’m telling God that He did something wrong when He made me. I’m telling Him that He should’ve made me like her or given me the talent like he has, and that’s not fair because God doesn’t make mistakes. He knits each of us together individually, each stitch made by His unfailing hand. He doesn’t mess up when He makes us a little pudgier than our friends or makes us a musician born into a family of athletes. He doesn’t mess up when He makes us taller than even the boys in our class (just wait until high school, that’ll change). God doesn’t make mistakes. He creates us in His image, and His image is the perfect image.

As a musician, I find myself constantly comparing myself to Christian artists like Kari Jobe, Kim Walker, or Taya Smith. Personally, this is the most vulnerable side of me. I always feel like I’m never doing a good enough job, or I don’t work hard enough and that’s why I’m no good at doing this yet or playing this song. Recently, I’ve been learning chord inversions on piano which will eventually make my life easier, but I have to learn to do them first and that’s the hard part. I’ve been really down on myself, but I’m slowly coming to realization that inversions aren’t an easy skill and that it’s going to take some time to learn how to do them, just like it did when I first began to play. Especially now that I’m having to deal with some hearing fluctuation. I feel as though what ability I had before is now in a season of change. Everything about the way I play music is different. The way I hear is completely different. It’s forcing me to change the way I do somethings that used to come so naturally to me. If that doesn’t make someone insecure, I don’t know what would.

However, just because I’m relearning to play and hear the music, doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on my passion. I love music and I always will. Just because I’m going through a challenging time doesn’t mean God wants me to throw in the towel and give up now. I strongly believe that he is putting me through this trial to make me better as a person and Christian. I believe that he’s doing this to make my faith stronger not weaker, and I will stand in faith that even if my hearing never comes back perfectly, that He’s holding me and is molding me to do the things that He planned for me to do long ago.

Insecurity is something that we all struggle with. It comes from the idea of we need to be different than what we are. We need to be skinnier or put some meat on our bones. We need to be taller or shorter. We wish we could look like her, or draw like him; be as pretty as her, or play an instrument like him. And while, there’s nothing wrong with admiring people for their skills and abilities, when we begin to tear ourselves apart because we’re not like these people, we’re only hurting ourselves. Our minds eat us alive with the desire to be like these people, and even though the people around us remind us that we’re beautiful and that we are talented, we don’t take it because our minds tell us that we’ll never be good enough.

Insecurity can be a huge wall the climb, but with a verse that I hold very close to my heart, Ephesians 2:10 “For you are God’s masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus to do the things He planned for you long ago.” I take life on with a new attitude, knowing that I am a child of God. I am made in His image, and I am His masterpiece.

I hope that you can take this and apply it to your life, because this verse has become my life verse. I love it and I hope that you enjoyed this post! Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or by commenting on this post; we love to hear from you! ❤

Be His Hands and Feet ❤



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