Trusting His Plans-Lace

Hey guys! Welcome back to TGWAM on this wonderful Tuesday morning/afternoon/evening, whatever time of day it is for you when you’re reading this :’D. Anyway, have you ever had your entire day planned out, and then BAM, your entire day is altered. Maybe not even your day, but your entire life, future, EVERYTHING is changed. That happened to me recently when I realized I was called to missions. I had my entire future planned out. I was going to get out of highschool, move onto college and be an anesthesiologist, and then settle down with a comfortable life here in the United States. Well, that’s not the plan anymore :’D. Now, I’m just anxious to get out of highschool and go to Africa!

Of course, not immediately :’D. I now want to go to college and become an RN (Registered Nurse) and then take trips to Africa as a medical missionary that progressively get longer and longer, until I eventually move my entire life over there. When God showed me what his plan for me really was, my entire future was altered. I had gone through life thinking I was going to be an anesthesiologist, making lots of money, living in a nice home in the United States. Now, I know that it’s God’s plan for me to become a medical missionary, making a lot less money than I thought I’d be making, and living in the middle of Africa.

My present was even changed when I felt the call to missions. Even down to that very day. That day my youth group went to see a movie called “Let Hope Rise”. I thought this was just going to be a normal fun trip with my best friends, and then it all changed about halfway through the movie. I suddenly felt like I was supposed to do missions. It was a crazy feeling and it’s really hard to describe. My positive mood that night changed to confused. What I thought I was supposed to do with my life changed within a few minutes. It was insane. Only God knows the true plan for your life so when you think we have it figured out and it’s drastically changed, you almost feel lost.

When Bryanna felt her call to missions, I had finally come to terms with the whole thing. I was okay with what was going to happen and I was even starting to get anxious about wanting to go on a mission trip. A week or two after Bryanna felt the call to missions we decided to start this blog. The blog has led to so many great things. It’s helped us explain the rough and tough times of being called to missions, but also the wonderfully amazing side to it all as well. TGWAM has had so many viewers for just a couple of teenage girls writing about their dreams and it’s currently leading to some astounding things in the future.

Through this entire experience, I’ve learned to trust God more, because without him nothing can happen. Thank you once again for reading everything I write. It means a lot to me, and I can’t wait to write again next year! I would say next week, but next time I write it’ll be 2017!!! How crazy is that? Anyway, thank you again and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!




Lace ❤


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