Hi! Happy Thursday! I can’t believe that 2016 is coming to an end on Saturday! 2016 has been quite a stressful year, but it’s also been a very exciting year. I’ve successfully written and am preparing to release my first CD with some of my favorite people, I’ve learned to play another instrument, I’ve started this blog with Lacey, and realized my call to missions. However, on the other end, I’ve started thinking seriously about college, I’ve had to change my whole life plans, and I’ve had some problems with my hearing that rocked my world in the aspect of the way I lead worship. It’s been a year to remember, that’s for sure, and I hope that 2017 is the best one yet!
This past week was Christmas week, and I got together with lots of family from both sides. Well, if you know me personally I talk about missions almost non-stop now. It’s either missions or the blog and it’s hard to get me to shut up now. :’D However, with the exception of a few, most people that I’ve talked to about it have either been so excited for this calling or they’ve been 120% against this calling. Well, this Christmas was no different than I expected. I knew when I was talking about missions and eventually moving my life overseas to be a minister that there would be people who hated the idea and who didn’t agree with me. However, sometimes, especially from family members and close friends, rejection of something that you’re extremely passionate about is hard to take.
Family and friends don’t always understand our passions. Whether it’s music or missions or teaching, our family and friends may question our motives to follow our dreams and pursue our passions. They may even shoot us down at even the idea of doing things that are scary or risky, because they care about us and want us to be successful in whatever we do with our lives.
Sometimes it isn’t because they don’t want us to follow our dreams or chase our passions, it’s because they don’t want us to worry about money or our families being in dangerous situations or anything like that. Sometimes it’s because (even though some people would never admit to this) they’re scared. They’re scared of us following a track in life that isn’t exactly painless. No one’s life is smooth sailing all the time, but I’m preparing myself to pack up my life and move to a new continent, country, and culture than I’m apart of now. And they know that no matter how much I study this land and their cultures, I’ll never fully understand what it’s like to live there until I actually move over there and live among the people of Africa. They’re scared of all the possible things that could happen to me while I’m over there: kidnapping, torture, death. They’re scared of these things, and who can blame them? These aren’t exactly easy topics to cover when you’re sending someone that you love overseas to a dangerous place.
I won’t lie. When God first laid the calling to move my life to Africa for the sake of spreading the good news of his Son, I was in shock. I was terrified. I asked God on multiple occasions if He was serious or if He was just kidding, and if He was, that He would just tell me and I’d get on with my life. Okay, obviously it wasn’t just like that, but I was scared. I’d heard all these stories about missionaries who go to these foreign lands and they’re over there for a while doing the Lord’s work, then one day the government finds out what they’re doing and they are captured, tortured, killed, or if they’re lucky, only deported back to their home country, never to return again. I was absolutely terrified, but that fear was quickly exchanged for a love for these people that I didn’t realize that I could have. I began to fuel my passion by praying for these people that I would meet and even the ones that I wouldn’t I began to study the Word more seriously than before and I talk to God everyday about everything, from my outfit to losing my keys or just everything that happened that day. God began to cover my fear with confidence that He was going to carry me through whatever persecution I may face or struggles I may have entering a country that I know God has called me to minister in. I know that He’s going to be right beside me no matter where I follow Him. God has truly called me out upon unknown waters, and I’ve decided that I trust Him and Lacey has done the same, I know that we’re both very excited to see where 2017 leads us in this journey.
With everything I’ve said, rejection is hard to take. It’s not easy and it’s especially hard when it comes from family or friends. These people truly do care about you, and it’s not that they want to hold you back from your dreams or callings, it’s usually just that they’re scared or they don’t want to let you go. Just remember, that whatever you’re passionate about, God has laid it on your heart for a reason, and no, I’m not saying don’t take advice, criticism, etc.. Just remember that if God has called you to something scary, uncomfortable, or dangerous, He has his hand on the situation and He’s gonna lead you through any storms and every valley. He’s gonna be there on the mountains, and pick you up in the valley. He’s the one in control.
Psalm 27:10 says, “My father and mother may abandon me, but the Lord will take care of me.” To me, this verse speaks volumes. No matter who rejects me, even my parents. They may reject my calling, my interests, or my decision to follow God to the ends of the Earth, but no matter who does reject me, God will always hold me. He will take care of me, even when I feel alone in the villages of Africa or even as I write for the blog, hoping that my family and friends have a change of heart. Because we know according to Romans 8:28, “… that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” So no matter what kind of rejection you are facing, hold strong to the fact that you are called according to the purpose of God and that He’s working everything out for your good.
Thank you for reading what I have this week! I can’t wait to take on 2017 with all of you. God has big things in store for this blog and Lacey and I; we’re so glad that we get to share it all with you! ❤
Be His Hands and Feet


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