LSAP (Little Sin As Possible)-Lace

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂 I’m so glad that you could be back to read what I have to say this week! Do you remember a specific time you got in trouble and you wondered to yourself why you got in trouble for what you did? Or you know why you got in trouble, but it didn’t make sense to you why it was such a bad thing? Well, I know I remember one of those times. When I was in kindergarten, we had a fire drill one day. Everything was going fine until a teacher yelled my name. This teacher yelled across the parking lot to me and said, “Hey Macie!” Or that’s what I THOUGHT he said. I got so mad that he said my name wrong, I yelled back, “MY NAME IS NOT MACIE! IT’S LACEY! L-A-C-E-Y!” Long story short, it was not a good rest of the day for me.

I understood not to talk during drills and things like that, but when the teacher, the one in authority started talking I “thought” that I could. But I also knew, somewhere in the back of my brain, that that wasn’t right. Even when it looked right, that I could talk during that fire drill even when I knew I wasn’t supposed to, I did because it looked acceptable, it looked okay. Sounds a lot like sin doesn’t it? It often looks good, seems acceptable, seems like it’ll fix our problems… It doesn’t. I’m not saying we as humans will mess up occasionally, but we need to try our hardest to not sin as much as possible.

Look back at what makes sin “good”, “acceptable”, “an easy fix”. That word “seems” comes up a lot doesn’t it? The definition of seems is, “to give the impression or sensation of being something or having a particular quality”. Sin gives the impression of being good. Is it? If you say that one dirty word, does anybody really notice? If you say that little white lie to your parents, is it really a sin because you never got caught? Yes. They’re sins because even though they seem okay, seem acceptable, they aren’t. That one word can turn into two, three, before you know it you’re using language you know you shouldn’t every other word without even thinking about it. That one little lie about making your brother load the dishwasher for you can turn into bigger lies that could get you landed in big trouble with your parents, boss, etc.

This doesn’t just apply to language and lying. This applies to gossip, drinking, drugs, any sin that exists, that’s what it applies to. There are no exceptions with God. A sin is a sin and each sin is just as bad as the other. Sin is such an evil thing because it draws you in. It seems like it’s good, acceptable, this, that, and the other. Temptation is so bad because it draws you in and sometimes you feel like you’ve dug yourself in a hole too deep to get out of, but that isn’t the case. With God, anything is possible and you can get out of any “hole” you’ve dug yourself into. He is capable of making you new again when you ask for forgiveness. That’s the amazing thing about our God. He can renew us. Our youth group’s DNOW is coming up and it’s called “Renew”. God can renew you, no matter what you’ve done.

Okay, so I know you know what L.S.A.P. means, but I want that to kind of become a goal for this little community that reads our blog. I want you to write down somewhere, on your hand, a piece of paper on your desk, on a note in your phone, anywhere, “L.S.A.P.” and what it means to you. For me, it means to study God’s word more, and not only more, but with a more open mind and to REALLY study it. Not to just look over it to say that I did my devotion that night. By doing that, it’ll make us/me want to please God more because when you have a closer relationship with Him it makes you want to please them more. Wanting to please God more will lead you closer and closer to L.S.A.P. Yes, we’re humans and we mess up. A lot. But our mission in life as Christians is to become more and more like God and God doesn’t sin.

Anyway, don’t forget to strive for L.S.A.P. I have a feeling it’s gonna help out in my walk with God as well as yours. Thank you so much for reading what I had to say this week! It means a lot! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has to hold for the blog and many other things as well! ❤


Lace ❤


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