Altered State of Mind- Bry

Happy Thursday! I’m so glad that you’ve all come back to read what I have to say this week! Today, January 26, 2017 is my 17th BIRTHDAY! I’m so glad that get the privilege to write for all of you on my birthday! This week I’m talking about something very dear and near to my heart, MUSIC, well… kind of.  

Any of you who know me personally, know that I love music. It basically makes my world go round. Any instrument I pick up, I can basically learn how to play with extraordinary ease. Music is my passion, I devote a lot of time and hardwork to make improvements in my ability. I spend hours learning new chord shapes on guitar, putting together chord progressions, new piano parts, and writing new lyrics. I spend time working on these things. I love to take the time to learn new instruments and new songs. I love to listen to music and feel the way it stirs my emotions and how it changes my perspective on parts of my own life.

Music is one of those things that changes people’s perspective. It makes you think about things that you may have never thought of before. While Chapel was writing their latest CD Unchained, we wrote a lot of lyrics that meant something to us. From “You bore my scars” to “I’m just lonely, but I know that you’re okay”, we’ve written songs that have not only touched our lives and the lives of our youth group, but have begun to touch lives all over the world. Our lives were changed as we wrote these lyrics. We had to consider the true meanings of these lyrics and the verses of scripture behind them.

However, this doesn’t just apply to any Christian song you may hear on the radio, or that Chapel song on your phone or CD (Which if you don’t have, you should totally buy 😉 ). That applies to the rap album you have on your phone, or that new country Pandora station. Every song has a meaning behind it. Sometimes these songs are good, but on the other hand, sometimes these songs are not so good, and no matter what your argument is for why you listen to the song such as “I just like the beat” (which is another problem for another day #MelodynotBeat) or “but listen to that guitar solo! It’s so awesome!” No matter why you listen to a song on your phone, youtube, or the radio, the song will stick with you. Have you ever listened to a song a few times, and even though you don’t really know the lyrics, you find yourself singing it later on? That’s because music has a way of engraving itself into our brains, good or bad. If you hang out with me long enough, you’ll quickly discover that I really like 90s and early 2000s alternative rock music… It’s just one of those things, but I catch myself singing the lyrics of an old song, that I probably shouldn’t know, because I enjoy listening to that genre of music. This is probably one of my biggest musical and lyrical weaknesses; I’m not much into rap music or even new country, but if we’re talking like Nirvana or Green Day, my head will turn faster than you thought possible from a 17 year old girl.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I like music that isn’t on my Chapel CD, but I’m trying to do better about resisting the temptation and giving in to my love for music that I really probably shouldn’t be listening to. I do listen to a lot of Christian music, and while I don’t think that listening to secular music is necessarily bad, I do think that we have to be careful about what we look at and listen to. Music has a way of embedding itself into our minds and altering the way we think. Do some of the songs we listen to encourage Godly thinking? I know mine don’t, but as I grow closer to God, I find myself wanting to listen to music that glorifies Him more and more. Don’t compromise the way you think for a cool guitar solo or an upbeat melody. There are plenty of songs with a cool guitar solo that don’t alter the way we think in a negative way.

I hope that you all enjoyed my post today. It was an honor to be able to write for all of you on my birthday! I hope that you’ve all had a great week and enjoy your upcoming weekend! Lacey and I will see you again on Tuesday! Follow us for updates, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, prayer requests, etc!


Be His Hands and Feet

Bry ❤


2 thoughts on “Altered State of Mind- Bry

  1. Charlie Wilson says:

    Good thoughtful post, Bryanna. You’re right about music staying with us. I’ll hear a song I haven’t heard in ages and can recite the entire lyrics. I wish I could say they were all “good” songs, Amen?! Have a great day and Happy Birthday!!!🎊🎉🎈🎂🎁

    Liked by 1 person

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