Our Secret Weapon- Bry

As I sit here today, thinking about what on Earth I should write about, my heart is crying for Libby Scott Hankins and her family as they face this challenging time. Today, I’m going to be writing about prayer, because I feel like it’s something we all take for granted, and right now, this family needs our prayers more than we realize.
Prayer is one of the most powerful tools of the Christian faith. Prayer is something that we didn’t have before Jesus took our place on the cross to die for our sin. Before Jesus died, no one could enter the presence of God except for the high priest. He could enter once per year to go to God on behalf of all the people for their sins. He would enter into the Holy of Holies where he would be in the presence of God. No one else could enter into this place due to the power and holiness of the presence of our almighty God. However, when Jesus took our place on Calvary’s cross to die for our sins, the veil that separated the temple from the Holy of Holies was torn in two. This veil was no regular curtain; this veil was 60 feet tall, 30 feet wide, and 4 inches thick. This veil was used to separate the common man or temple assistant and the holy presence of our God.
When Jesus Christ took our place, we no longer needed a man to intercede on our behalf to our Father in Heaven. We can go to our Father and talk to Him personally. We can tell Him about our day, our fears and worries, or we can cry out to Him for help in our time of need. We can go to Him and confess our own sins without fear of His wrath being poured out upon us. We can go to our Father to pray for our friends who are in need of healing, encouragement, or anything they may need.
Prayer is a tool that so many Christians take for granted. We often go through our days searching for help in all the wrong places. We go through our lives trying anything and everything to take away the pain when we could turn to our Heavenly Father for what we need. I know that turning to our Heavenly Father isn’t the easiest thing to do a lot of times, but it always ends up being the best option.
Thank you for reading what I have to say today, usually this is where I would end my post thanking you all for reading, but today I have a request..
PLEASE pray for Libby Scott Hankins. She is a young adult who is fighting for her life at Duke Medical Center. Libby has a life threatening lung disease known as Cystic Fibrosis (CF). She was diagnosed with CF at age 2, but she has never let it hold her back. She was a cheerleader in high school, homecoming queen her senior year, went on to cheer at UWA, and is a member of Phi Mu. No matter what anyone told her about having CF, she wouldn’t let it hold her back.
Last year, Libby was given a second chance at life after her condition became dangerous and life threatening. She was given a double-lung transplant at Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC and was doing well for around ten months. However, recently her body has begun to create antibodies that are rejecting her new lungs. She is currently in antibody-mediated rejection of her new lungs and since being at Duke to fight this rejection, she has contracted a viral infection. Recently; however, she has taken a sudden turn for the worse. Her doctors have said that if she doesn’t respond positively to her next treatment within 48 hours, then there is nothing else that they can do.
Libby Hankins NEEDS our prayers more than ever! She deserves to live and to continue to impact lives all over the world. Libby is fighting for her life and her parents are begging you to pray. I ask you to pray for Libby without ceasing, for prayer is POWERFUL and prayer WORKS. Please do not give up on this sweet girl, for there is always hope, even when it seems there is none to be found.
Be His Hands and Feet,
Bry ❤


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