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Happy Tuesday! I’m so glad to be back writing for all of you today. I hope that you’ve all had a great week. In regards to last week’s post about the lovely and Godly Libby Hankins, I am sorry to tell any of you who read this blog each week and don’t follow Lungs for Libby on Facebook, that Libby passed away surrounded by her family on Friday, March 17. I ask that you would continue to keep the Hankins family in your prayers as they face an uncomfortable future without their baby girl.

This week I will be talking about a certain type of popular hashtags that go around. They often follow the death of a good person or a Godly person from our communities that fought a long hard battle that ended with Heavenly healing rather than the Earthly healing many people were praying for. A few years back, we had a girl from a few counties away have a tragic car accident, and she was in the hospital fighting for her life before she entered the arms of God and received her Heavenly healing. Suddenly, the hashtag #livelikeFliv appeared everywhere. Everyone, including myself, posted this hashtag with our Facebook and Instagram posts honoring Olivia. We used such a simple tag on the end of our posts to honor the life of a young girl who lived her life like Jesus did, who was kind and happy, and lost her Earthly life in a tragic accident.

After the homegoing of our beloved Libby Hankins, many people began to use to the hashtags #LiveLikeLibby and #LoveLikeLibby I think these tags are great. They’re connected to the posts of memories and stories of the life of Gordo’s Angel. They celebrate a life well-lived., a testimony who touched many people, a positive spirit, and a fighter who never lost, but only won the greatest victory that man ever could. She ran into the arms of her Savior at full speed, no cough, no problems breathing, and NO CYSTIC FIBROSIS. Libby was completely healed as she walked from this life to the next, and as we celebrate this with simple hashtags. Where if a friend sees it, they can click on it and learn of Libby’s life well lived, and they could even come to know Christ through the story of a young woman who is no longer with us.

These hashtags are wonderful things. They are a way to keep the spirit of a loved one alive, and to remember a life that many people admired. However, if you’ll notice, the majority of people who have a hashtag #livelike___ are often Godly people. They devoted their life to living like Jesus. Their “Lifebook” hashtags would be #livelikeChrist or #LiveLikeJesus They spent their lives devoted to a Christian life, and being a “little Christ.” Their lives were a living testimony to what God had done in their lives. They faced days of adversity with a positive outlook, knowing that no matter what they would face, God was by their side ready to fight their battles. They know that while each day may present struggles and hard times, their faith and confidence is rooted in the Word of God. They know that they are never alone, even when their darkest days lie ahead for them to conquer, and they don’t live in fear of the future, but rather live in the present and strive to better the future through drawing closer to Christ each and every day. These people embody the words of John 8:12, “Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, ‘I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

These people inspire us to live like Christ, because we follow their models and they followed after Christ. They took up their cross, no matter how heavy, every day and lived their lives being a shining light for Christ. These are our role models-the people we want to be just like. They’re the valedictorians, cheerleaders, band members, homecoming queens, SGA presidents, or maybe they do nothing at all… whoever you admire, you’re probably trying to walk closely in their footsteps.

These people have made a huge impact on your life, whether they’ve passed into their eternal life with Christ, or they’re still here to mentor you daily. There are people all around us, and whether we realize it or not, we are making an impact every day. Whether you #LiveLikeLibby #LiveLikeFliv or #LiveLike____… you should always #LiveLikeChrist. Living like Jesus is what we are called to do no matter our circumstances, for we are impacting lives all around us. Our impact may not be felt immediately, but over time, you will impact many lives-either for the better or worse-no matter what you do. You don’t have to be a preacher to impact the Christian walk of people around you. Whoever you follow, make sure their footsteps are Godly before you follow them down a road you don’t want to travel!

Thank you for reading what I had to say today! I ask that you would continue to keep the Hankins family in your prayers as well as Libby’s teammates, classmates, and friends as they go through this troubling time! I hope that you’ll come back next Tuesday for Lacey’s post, and until then, like, comment, follow us for post updates, and don’t forget to share us with your friends! ❤

Be His Hands and Feet,

Bry ❤


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