Miracle Worker-Lace

Hi! Welcome back to TGWAM this week! I hope you’ve had a great week so far and continue to for the rest of the week. Today I’m gonna talk about something a lot of people not only take for granted, but also something that a lot of people think just happen. Miracles.. Some people think miracles happen by fate, some people think if you’re “good enough” miracles will just come your way, but miracles are really from God. God is a Miracle Worker. Now, no one can disagree with me on this one. I have PLENTY of Bible references to back me up. :’D

Okay anyway, let’s start out with one of the biggest and most important miracles of all time. Our SAVIOR Jesus Christ was born of a virgin! That’s humanly impossible! But through God, that was possible. ONLY through God! There are a lot of other miracles that happened in Bible times. When Jesus changed water into wine (John 2:1-11), when Jesus healed a man from leprosy (Mark 1:40-45), when Jesus fed the 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21) and many, many more. Tell me someone you know that can just simply make water turn into wine. Tell me someone you know that can heal a man of leprosy with the touch of their hand. Tell me someone you know that can make two loaves of bread and five fish become a filling meal for 5,000 people. I don’t think you can. And that right there proves that Jesus is the Miracle Worker.  

There are also so many miracles that happen before our very own eyes every single day. First of all, the fact that you were able to wake up this morning and be able to read this is a miracle in itself. Other miracles, which seem more extravagant to us, happen every day too. Miracles are something we tend to pay a lot of attention to, but then sometimes humans tend to give credit to people for the miracle or they take the credit for themselves. Not very often do you see someone saying, “It was through God that ___________ happened!” A lot of people tend to say, “Thank you to the doctors/firefighters/police officers/etc. for everything you did! Without you, none of this would have been possible!” And I’m not downgrading the work and effort those people put into their jobs and saving other people. They do a wonderful job at what they do and save TONS of lives everyday, but a lot of people do tend to forget God is involved and they forget to thank Him for what He has done.

People don’t give God as much credit He deserves. He deserves all of the glory, all of the honor, all of the praise. He’s the One who created us. He’s the One who put breath in our lungs. As the song “Great Are You Lord” says in the chorus, “It’s Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise. It’s Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise to You only.” God is the One who sent His one and only Son to this Earth to die for us. While we were still dead in our sin, God sent Jesus to die on the cross for us, take the blame for everything you’ve done in the past, everything you’re gonna do today, and everything we will do because He loves us. The fact that the human sacrifice of our Lord and Savior was enough to cover EVERYONE’S sin is unfathomable. That is a miracle.

God is the Miracle Worker. He is the ONLY Miracle Worker. He’s the One who put those doctors/nurses, firemen/women, policemen/women, whoever or whatever in the right place at the right time. That wasn’t by fate. That didn’t “just happen”. Those people/things were put in place at the perfect time. God’s plan is perfect. Even when we think we know better than Him, or that He doesn’t know what’s best, He does and that’s something that we have to remember so we don’t forget to give the honor and praise He deserves back to Him. Even when things aren’t going so well we need to remember that everything happens for a reason. If something tragic happens, God may have done that to help us trust Him. If something didn’t go the way that we planned it to go, God may be using that incident to humble us. Whatever happens, we have to know that it’s all for good. God is good and God knows what is good. He puts certain things in place for us to learn how to trust Him more. The fact that He cares that much about us is a miracle.

Thank y’all for reading what I had to say this week! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed it! Don’t forget to come back Thursday for Bryanna’s post and I hope you come back next week as well! God is THE Miracle Worker. Always trust in Him because He knows what He’s doing 😉 Thank you once again for coming back to TGWAM this week! I hope you have a great day!


Show The World His Love,
Lace ❤


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