Loved Again-Bry

Happy Thursday! I’m so glad you all have come back to read what I have to write about this week! Before I go into what I am writing about, I want to thank two of my good friends, two of my biggest worship mentors, and long-distance Godly leaders in my life, Jordyn and Kevin Boyer. Thank you both for letting me use your awesome song “Loved Again” for this post and for everything that you guys do for me even from so far away, for the positive encouragement and worship advice, and more.

Now, to my actual post for the week, as I said above, I’ll be talking about Jordyn and Kevin’s song “Loved Again.” “Loved Again” is a song about being the hands and feet of Jesus. The lyrics of this song describe missions perfectly. They tell us exactly what missions should be whether you’re overseas or in your own backyard. I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but honestly, your work as a missionary doesn’t start when you step on the plane; it starts here in your neighborhood, in your school, or your workplace. Shining the light of Jesus isn’t something we’re just called to do when we’re comfortable, for a week in Ethiopia, or for a week at MFuge Camp in the summer. Sharing Christ’s love is something we’re called to do everyday. We are called to live, to show the love of Jesus in every situation even when it’s hard.

“Will you be His hands? Will you be His feet? Will you serve Him willingly?” -Loved Again, J&K… I don’t know how many of you guys have noticed my tag at the end of every blog post, but in case you were wondering where it came from, this is it. Jordyn and Kevin’s song is something that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it, and I thought what better tag than to encourage all of you to be the hands and feet of Jesus every time you leave my blog post each week? That isn’t something I just say as I sign off for the week, but rather a challenge to everyone who finds this blog: be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ EVERYWHERE you go. Now, I do not condone hitting people with Bibles or proclaiming to your friends loudly and obnoxiously that they’re going to hell if they don’t straighten up their lives, but rather show them the God that you serve by living like Christ did. As Patrick, Lacey’s dad, talked about in youth group last night, show the power of the resurrection in the way that you walk, talk, and just the way you live your life. Show people that knew you in your darkest moment of sin that the cross has changed your direction and your ultimate destination.

“We are called to reach the world, and tell them about you.”- To You, Chapel… this is simply put, our greatest calling in a lyric phrase. This is what we are supposed to do when we go out into our schools and workplace-reach the world for Jesus Christ.

“Will you let them know, they are LOVED AGAIN?”- Loved Again, J&K… as we go out into this world laced with sin, and we find people without the hope of Christ impacting their lives, we are called to share the LOVE of our Savior with them, because without Him, there is NO HOPE. We have this hope and this AGAPE love, and I don’t understand how we’re supposed to keep it to ourselves. This is UNCONDITIONAL love; it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, what you’re doing, or what you will do, God is your father and He loves you no matter your situation. He is the only one who will always be there no matter what. He’s always right beside you, fighting your battles, because He’s already won the ultimate victory for all of us.

This week, you may not run into someone who is obviously struggling; however, you’ll most likely pass someone everyday who is hopelessly lost in their sin, and doesn’t have the love of Christ in their heart. They may be fighting an unseen battle with depression, anxiety, or a chronic illness, and your uplifting words or even a simple smile can change their entire day. These people are the ones that we are called to minister to, to remind them of how loved they are by the Creator of the World. To let them know that no matter what is going on, that God is fighting for them, and He will never give up on them. That no matter how far they’ve run from the feet of Jesus, that they’re only one step away from being right back in His arms again. Let the resurrection be declared this week through the way that you live and love everyone around you.

I’m not signing off quite yet, but I hope all of you will take my challenge to heart when I say to be His Hands and Feet this week. You never know who you may impact. I hope that you all enjoyed what I had to say this week, and I know that I’ve strayed a little off topic today, but sometimes that’s how God works. HUGE thank you again to Jordyn and Kevin for the use of “Loved Again” in my post this week, still love the song as much as I did the first time I heard it! Y’all are awesome, so come back to Aliceville ASAP! ❤

Be His Hands and Feet,

Bry ❤


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