The Pieces DO Fit Together- Lace

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Two Girls With A Mission! I hate that it’s been so long since Bryanna and I have posted on the blog. 😦 Let me just take a little bit of time to explain the random month we didn’t blog… So, three weeks ago, my family announced to our church in Aliceville, Alabama that we would be leaving to come to a church in Coosada, Alabama. This church actually happens to be our family’s home church. In case you are new to the blog I should probably give you some more information before going into further detail. My dad is a minister. We started at Coosada Baptist Church. There, for several years, my dad was involved in the praise band for Sunday mornings. Then, my family went to Lifeline Church in Greenville, Alabama where my dad was the worship leader. After fourteen months there, my dad was called to be the youth minister at Aliceville First Baptist Church. After four wonderful years at AFBC, he has just recently been called to be the youth minister at Coosada Baptist Church. (If you want a little more information on all of these things check out one of my first posts, “Small, Smaller, Smallest”.)

So… I bet a lot of you are wondering how I’m doing. Or maybe you’re wondering how I’ve felt about all of this these past five years. Honestly… it doesn’t ever become easy. Leaving people you love and genuinely care for is NEVER easy. But, it’s also an exciting journey. You get to meet a lot of new people, you get to go new places, and you get to experience things you never thought you’d experience. Ministry is weird like that; it’s full of bittersweet moments. You leave where you feel comfortable to go some place new. You take time to adjust there, get excited for what’s to come, and build relationships. You make new friends, you meet people who become “family” because they’re just so close to you, and by the time all the pieces start to come together… God wants you somewhere different.

Have you ever been putting a puzzle together and all the sudden, someone shifts the table and everything scatters across the surface? Or that obnoxious two year old comes along with their sticky fingers and messes it all up? Maybe you’re going through the box that the puzzle came in and you find a puzzle piece that doesn’t even belong there and you can’t even figure out how it ended up in that box? Doesn’t that kind of sound like life? We all have personal puzzles; puzzles called life. Sometimes, you feel like all the pieces of your puzzle called life, suddenly are scattered by something big that happened in your life or within your family. You don’t know how to react and you get stressed, angry, and quite frankly, exhausted of trying to get the pieces all back together so you give up. Sometimes you find those pieces of your puzzle that aren’t even a part of the same puzzle you started out with. You start to think about how those random pieces of addiction, depression, anxiety, and much more just got thrown into your box. You feel like all the work you’ve put into the puzzle is now worthless. Trying is pointless and you don’t even want to think about getting started on figuring out how to fit the pieces into their perfect spots.

Do you know why these things are so overwhelming to think about, much less do? It’s because we aren’t supposed to fix ourselves. We are unable to fix ourselves. We can’t fix our problems and we can’t wipe away our own sin. We can’t even begin to find all the scattered pieces and we definitely can’t put them together alone. We have to admit that we need help from God to make our broken pieces whole again. If we try to wipe away our own sin, it’ll just be smeared even more and even if we think it’s covered up well enough, the guilt and shame still leaves that subtle stain behind and it’s one you can never get out without Jesus’ blood that He shed for you on the cross. Isaiah 1:18 says, “”Come now let us settle the matter,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.”” This verse shows that through Jesus, our stains caused by sin can be removed from us and make us whiter than ever if we just ask Him.

That’s what’s so great about our God. He doesn’t care where you’ve been, He doesn’t care what you’ve done, you can never outrun the promise of His love. The stains that cover you, can instantly be wiped away if you just ask Jesus to cleanse you. Our puzzles can be put together with such unbelievable ease by our God. The pieces that we found in our puzzle that we didn’t think belonged, teach us life lessons, but are also removed from God’s view when we ask for forgiveness. When we find those two pieces of the puzzle that you never thought would fit together because you don’t think that they belong in your life, will eventually find their place when you ask for God’s help in that situation. God has a plan for your life. He knows what’s best for you and will never forsake you. Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Even though right now, nothing seems to make much sense, I know that God has everything under control. He knows what He’s doing and He never has made a mistake. I feel like it’s unfair that He took me away from my friends, what I’ve gotten used to in the past four years, but I’m starting to realize this is all for a reason. My family is supposed to be at Coosada Baptist Church because that’s where God has lead us. It may not be exactly what we had planned out in our minds and it may not be what we wanted in this very moment, but God knows what He’s doing. This situation is scary, full of anxiety, and difficult but it’s also fun and exciting to see what God has in store.

Thank you so much for coming back to TGWAM this week! I’m sorry we haven’t posted in such a long time, but we’re back now! 🙂 I hope you continue to follow Bryanna and I through this next stage in our lives. Please pray for my family, AFBC, and CBC as we go through this transition. Thank you all so much for the continuous support. ❤


Show the World His Love,


Lace ❤


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