Dare to Be Different

Hey guys and welcome back to Two Girls With a Mission! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far! I’m sorry we haven’t posted in such a long time! Since June, Bryanna and I have been going through a lot of change. I moved, we started school back, and overall, our lives have just been pretty busy. We’re getting in the swing of things now, though, and are going to start posting regularly again. Thank you for your patience!       Have you ever stopped and just thought about why you don’t share the gospel more often? Have you ever wondered why your prayers “aren’t being answered”? Have you thought about why you feel that void in your life you CANNOT fill? It all has to do with your spiritual life and your willingness to be different. You can pray all you want,a good prayer life is something every Christian should strive to have but if you just talk and talk to God and NEVER listen then what’s the point of talking to Him in the first place? You have been told by the Bible time and time again that you WILL be hated because of your faith. People will despise you because of who you put your trust in. So you know it’s coming, right? Why do you hold back from spreading the good news?    

    The good news isn’t only good news; it is the most precious gift on the planet! If more Christians would speak up and dare to be different there would be so much more of us! We as Christians often feel like we’re alone. We wouldn’t feel like we were alone if we went out and made more disciples. There are too many sideline Christians. If you don’t know what a sideline Christian is, let me explain. A sideline Christian is a person who likes to be a fan of God. They’re a cheerleader. They are all for it when things are going well for them and they give people their own words of advice when they should be giving Godly advice. When things start getting rough or when it’s time to choose sides and dare to be different, they stray away from what they know is right and they follow the world. 

Genuine believers are hard to find. Very hard to find. Genuine believers are the people who aren’t ashamed of Jesus, they’re not afraid to speak up for their faith, and they’ll always sacrifice their time for the good of the kingdom. If we aren’t all striving to be the best Christian we can be, then we aren’t going to make disciples, we will always be the minority, you will always feel that void in your life, and you won’t ever feel like your prayers are being answered. So what’s holding YOU back from not sharing the most precious gift to exist? The gift that TRANSFORMS lives.

Are you scared? Do you feel uneducated about the Word? Is F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) getting in the way of your duty as a Christian? What is the problem? We are all called to be missionaries and if we don’t fulfill that calling then the population of Christians that exists on this earth will continue to decrease and decrease until everyone is going to hell because all of the genuine believers have died and gone to heaven and all that’s left is a couple of former sideline Christians who have been persuaded by the world. They’ve chosen to gain the world and not what matters. Is that you really want? To fit in and be cool during this short period of your existence and then suffer for eternity? Is that what you really want? I don’t think it’s what anyone would want. 

A lot of people have more faith in lies than we Christians do in what we KNOW is true but we just stop believing when we want to because “it’s too hard”. There are people literally killing themselves for false hope and every single Christian HAS THE SECRET but is afraid to speak up! What kind of sense does that make?? Before you move on with your day, I want you to look through the questions that are written throughout this post. Write them down. Ponder over them, sleep on them, pray about them. Pray about what exactly is keeping you from spreading the Word. If you feel like you’re doing a good job spreading the news, there’s always room for improvement somewhere in your spiritual life. 

There has only been and will only ever be one perfect Christian and that is Jesus Christ. You are not Jesus and neither am I and you have the responsibility as a Christian to become more and more like Christ everyday. Work on reading your Bible more often, work on your prayer life, work on being ON FIRE for God! Being different and being laughed at by your coworkers, friends, or family is worth it. I promise. God promises. Go out and make disciples. Dare to be different. 
Matthew 10:22, “And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.”
James 1:19, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”
Revelation 3:16, “So, because you are lukewarm- neither hot nor cold -I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”
Matthew 28:19, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” 
Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove the will of God, is that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”
Show the World His Love, 
Lace ❤ 
Different by Micah Tyler:


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