Hey! It’s Dark!- Bry

Hey guys! Welcome back to TGWAM! I’m so glad you’ve come back to read what I have to say on this fabulous Friday. Today I’m going to be talking about darkness. I know what you’re thinking… isn’t this a Christian blog? Why are you talking about darkness? Well, think about it. God didn’t tell us that life would be sunshine and roses. In fact, he told us quite the opposite. Darkness is something that we all deal with both physically and mentally, and if you’re scared of the dark or what’s in it (like yours truly), hopefully after today you’ll feel a little bit better after this blog post.

Darkness in our lives can be physical as well as spiritual. Physical darkness is things like night time. The sun goes down, the power goes out, or maybe we just turn off all the lights in the house. Darkness. Something that for some is terrifying and for others is nothing more than just what it is- the absence of light. Physical darkness can be healthy. If you’re like me, and you suffer from the occasional migraine, then darkness can feel like heaven for your head. However, too much darkness for too long can be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Darkness can allow your mind to wander and the mind is something that humans cannot completely comprehend. Excessive darkness can cause you to experience depression and it can become so severe that your quality of life can quickly decrease.

However, physical darkness isn’t near as scary as spiritual darkness, especially for those of us who know what it feels like to live in the light. Have you ever been walking with God, truly chasing after Him and all that he wants for you? Then one day, it feels like He’s nowhere to be found? It was a slow fade to get there, but in a way it almost feels overnight, doesn’t it? One day, there were no clouds in the sky and now it feels like the sun is just a distant memory? Yeah… I’ve been there too. It’s not comfortable; it feels like you’ve been abandoned and forgotten, and it feels like you’ll never get out of it. Good news! There’s a way out, and if you’re a Christian, then you already know the way back into the light.

Jesus says in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world.” So there’s our answer to the darkness, because where there is light, darkness cannot be. God’s word tells us this in John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Darkness cannot overcome light because darkness is simply the absence of light. In John 8:12, Jesus doesn’t stop with “I am the light of the world,” but rather continues to say, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will walk with the light of life.” Therefore, if God’s light is truly living within you, you will not be living in darkness.

This is not to say that you won’t have a bad day or a dark day, because we all do. However, you won’t live a lifestyle of darkness because Jesus has overcome your world of darkness. Jesus died on the cross to give you the “light of life.” He wants us to walk in the light, to run in the sun, and to enjoy living our lives for Him. This life isn’t easy, and we’re constantly met by walls of darkness in our lives, but with Jesus, the light of the world, living within us, we can overcome the darkness and live life as He’s called us to.

Thanks for reading what I had to say today, I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you’ll be back Tuesday for Lacey’s post as well! Thanks for following TGWAM, and if you don’t, you should! Check us out on Facebook and stay up to date because some pretty exciting stuff is on the way for us!!

Be His Hands and Feet,

Bry ❤


P.S. Check out this song! It’s one of my favorites!

My Lighthouse- Rend Collective



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