Two Girls With a Mission is a blog about two small-town best friends that are called to be overseas missionaries. Bryanna (17) and Lacey (13) were regular, small town girls until the summer and fall of 2016 when they felt called to overseas missions in Africa.

Prior to being called to missions, Lacey planned on becoming a doctor. She’s always planned on being a doctor, running around as a little kid telling family and friends that she wanted to be an “Anesthesiologist” 🙂 Lacey always wanted to be apart of missions, but she never felt like she’d move to Africa and possibly change her entire life plans from “Anesthesiologist” to potential teacher of not only elementary subjects but the Word of God. In the summer of 2016, Lacey went on a youth trip to see the Hillsong movie, “Let Hope Rise” and after seeing the living conditions of people in the Philippines, she just knew that she had to go there. Lacey may be young, but she knows that God has called her to do something great, not only in her youth group, but all around the world.


Bryanna on the other hand, already felt called to ministry. Prior to being called to the African mission field, she felt called to lead worship. Worship and kids has always been Bryanna’s passion.❤ Bryanna is a part of her youth praise band and also writes songs with her band Chapel, who released their first CD on January 4, 2017. Bryanna always wanted to go on an overseas mission trip, but just “knew” that it could never be her. That was, until her church had a packing party for Operation Christmas Child and her heart was overcome with emotions for the children that would be receiving this tiny shoe box. It was then that Bryanna realized that she had to go to them. Bryanna is not abandoning her call to lead worship, rather taking her gifts and calling to a different place. What she thought would be a life leading worship for a church congregation has turned into a life of African missions, and she can’t wait to see where God takes her.