Hey! It’s Dark!- Bry

Darkness in our lives can be physical as well as spiritual. Physical darkness is things like night time. The sun goes down, the power goes out, or maybe we just turn off all the lights in the house. Darkness. Something that for some is terrifying and for others is nothing more than just what it is- the absence of light.


More Than a Song- Lace

As Christians we’re called to live a lifestyle of worship. If you live a lifestyle of worship there’s no way that the devil can rob you of the joy and peace that that lifestyle brings you. If you’re living a lifestyle of worship then you will be at peace because if you’re living that lifestyle you will also be in a constant state of prayer

The Artist- Bry

Today I’m going to be talking about something that everyone struggles with, whether they reveal it or not. Self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, etc. The issue of self-worth is one that has spanned for ages and ages, all the way back to the caste system and even before then. Self-worth is not something that’s easy to overcome, and often times the damaging words that people have said to us never leave us. They haunt us for years and years, but we have to let that pain become the driving force for us to be better people and more successful in our own lives.

Dare to Be Different

The good news isn’t only good news; it is the most precious gift on the planet! If more Christians would speak up and dare to be different there would be so much more of us! We as Christians often feel like we’re alone. We wouldn’t feel like we were alone if we went out and made more disciples.

The Right Path- Lace

Imagine that there is a sign in between two paths. It says that if you take the wide, smooth path that it’ll be an easy walk. Nothing in the way to stop you or to restrict you. It says that the narrow, rocky path will be hard. The long walk to the end of the path will be treacherous and the hills will be steep. Most people who see you on that trail will mock you and laugh at you for taking it. But there’s more on the sign… It says that at the end of the narrow path that there is a reward. It’s a place of relaxation, peace, and happiness from your difficult walk. It says that if you take the wide path you will receive nothing at the end.

Fight Back With the Sword- Lace

These verses basically say, “You are NOT missing out! All of those people who are doing wrong and not repenting won’t go to heaven.” Also, this is saying don’t get caught up in the fear of missing out. If you have F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) then you’ll eventually give into peer-pressure and give into the desires of man. Temptations will come your way. There is absolutely no way of avoiding temptation. Even Jesus was tempted.

The Old Rugged Cross- Bry

No matter how beautiful the promise of the resurrection is for believers, we cannot forget how ugly that cross was. We cannot ignore how gruesome and raw the road to the Calvary was for Jesus. We must not allow the cross to become something so painted up and beautiful that we forget the true meaning of what the cross was and is. That old rugged cross that Jesus was crucified on must not be forgotten and most definitely it must not be beautified.

The Space in Between Us -Bry

This anger that I’ve held in my heart has caused a strain on multiple relationships: Lacey and I, Pat and I, my entire family and I… all because of anger that I wasn’t ready to release yet. Anger that was controlling me. This anger quickly put a strain on my relationship with God as well. My life was no longer about serving and following Him; it was about my comfort, my wants, and what I thought I needed.

The Pieces DO Fit Together- Lace

Have you ever been putting a puzzle together and all the sudden, someone shifts the table and everything scatters across the surface? Or that obnoxious two year old comes along with their sticky fingers and messes it all up? Maybe you’re going through the box that the puzzle came in and you find a puzzle piece that doesn’t even belong there and you can’t even figure out how it ended up in that box? Doesn’t that kind of sound like life? We all have personal puzzles; puzzles called life. Sometimes, you feel like all the pieces of your puzzle called life, suddenly are scattered by something big that happened in your life or within your family.